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"Holloway's _Antifragility _is a very timely read to help unpack, understand and navigate the firehose of bad news and global chaos."
Fred Burton
former special agent and New York Times best-selling author
"Ron, you have been an excellent resource and inspiration to many over the years. I believe you will continue to be an awesome source for professional guidance in your new endeavor.  Give me a yell if I can ever be of assistance."
Assistant Secretary Gentry Smith
U.S. Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security
"Ron has become an invaluable thought leader, coach and partner in the corporate and government sector.  Ron's wisdom and insight help to think through strategic goal setting, leadership development, and moving beyond resilience."
Steve Antoine
VP, Pepsico
My experiences in the Marine Corps and with Diplomatic Security have offered me the opportunity to work with a great number of inspired and dedicated individuals. Ron's wealth of experiences and core values have shaped him into the security professional and fine leader that any organization would be lucky to have.
Brian W.
Global Security, Risk Management Professional
I admire greatly Ron Holloway's dedication to personal development and unlocking of potential in himself and others. His efforts to shine the light on the need for personal resiliency training and his leadership in forming/moderating a social network group dedicated to building good teams are just two solid examples of his character. I strongly recommend him for his leadership, mentoring, work ethic and friendship. Thanks Ron for all you do.
Christopher Stitt, CEM
Global Security Director | Emergency Management
"Ron is particularly gifted in identifying goals/objectives, communicating them clearly and planning for the individual steps required for successful achievement.  Ron maneuvers stressful and demanding situations with ease and never flusters.  He is a kind, friendly and enjoyable person to be around. Ron is one of the strongest professionals I know and I recommend him strongly!"
Matt Dumpert
Senior Director- Global Security Kroll
"I had the pleasure of working with Ron at the U.S. Dept. of State though the real pleasure has developed over the past few years as Ron has evolved his coaching and organizational management program. I regularly borrow his wisdom for redistribution among my team (with proper attribution, of course) and find his blog, Tenet 6, thought-provoking and inspirational. Keep up the great work, Ron. "
Erik Antons
VP  Global Security  Whirpool
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