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Antifragility – 10 principles to live by to turn crisis into opportunity is out now!

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Ron Holloway is a former DSS Special Agent and CEO of Arrow Coaching LLC, where he helps individuals and organizations develop the skills, traits, and beliefs that help them prevail and capture opportunity in an ever changing world.

As a former Special Agent, protecting people all over the world, Ron has developed a unique way of thinking and skillset that has helped him navigate crisis’ on both the macro and personal level. In his previous position as a Senior Advisor, Ron was tasked with developing 2,000 Special Agents and 48,000 support personnel and teach them what he’s now bringing to the civilian world.

In addition to Ron’s unique career experience, he holds a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development from University of Texas Dallas and advanced crisis leadership training from Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative.

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A book by Ron Holloway

Antifragility – 10 Principles to Live by to Turn Crisis into Opportunity

It’s a self-mastery book that teaches you to turn anything to your advantage and helps you to be wiser.

Read out the book and know more about the principles to live by and turn crisis into opportunity.


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